Over the course of two years I converted a 1999 Bluebird school bus into my new home. This is the story of my skoolie life.

Since Thanksgiving of 2016 my cat, Cami, and I have been traveling the country on what I call my Infinite Bus Tour*.

As we go I make videos to share the adventure. I look for historical sites, both well known and those that may not be known outside their local area.

* At least until the kids take my keys away

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I will post thoughts about my travels, life and what ever from time to time in the space below.

April 7, 2018

I haven't updated this space in a while and for that I'm sorry. Today I'm spending time in a nice quiet National Forest campground in South Carolina making some changes to the website.

Instead of having all the Infinite Bus Tour videos embedded I'm making them links to the videos. This should help the page load faster.

For now I'll leave the Old Thyme Skoolie Project bus build videos as embedded ones. If you think I should change those to links too let me know